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Uncovering Sony’s Project Q: What is it?

Sony Project Q
Alex Carter
Written by Alex Carter

Sony is keeping the details about its upcoming project, strikingly named ‘Q’, tightly under wraps. Despite this secrecy, we’ve uncovered what it could be, and why it’s so exciting.

Sony’s Project Q is a buzz in the gaming industry. Unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase, this new addition to the Sony gaming family seeks to carve out its niche as a handheld gaming console designed primarily to stream PS5 games.

Design and Specifications

Taking a step forward from its predecessor, the PS Vita, the Project Q boasts an 8-inch HD screen that’s rumored to support 1080p with a 60Hz refresh rate. This display dimension places it right between the likes of the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch. Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, mentioned that the device’s buttons and features would mirror those of the acclaimed DualSense wireless controller. The aesthetics of the device are a nod to the contemporary era, resembling a DualSense Wireless Controller split in half, encasing a gaming tablet in the center.

Performance and Features

One of the primary features of Sony Project Q is its capability to allow gamers to play any game installed on their PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. Thus, owning a PS5 console becomes a prerequisite for this handheld to showcase its full potential. This essentially means that gamers can play top-tier PS5 games either stored on their system or stream from their PS Plus library directly to this handheld device.

Another interesting detail that emerged was a potential Android operating system running behind the scenes. A video leak hinted that Project Q might operate on Android, a fact that has generated excitement among the gaming community, especially those passionate about emulation outside Sony’s intended parameters.

Pricing and Release

Sony’s silence regarding the exact price of Sony Project Q has sparked speculation. Given the pricing trends of competitors like the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and PS5, the price is expected to hover between the $300 to $500 mark. Some predictions even suggest a price point under $300, positioning it competitively in the handheld console market. Comparisons with devices like the Razer Edge, which costs around $399.99, indicate that Project Q might be priced in a similar bracket.

The release date, although not pinpointed, is expected to be later this year, 2023. Given Sony’s track record, an unveiling around October or November, just in time for the holiday season, seems plausible.

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