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Ring Video Doorbell Plus: A Useful Plus? — Review

Ring Video Doorbell Plus
Alex Carter
Written by Alex Carter

Experience more control & convenience with the new Ring Video Doorbell Plus. This powerful tool provides extra control & detailed notifications, so you’re always secure & in the know.

⁣ Are⁤ you ⁤looking ⁤for‍ a​ cool and‍ innovative⁢ way to ​make your home more⁣ secure and efficient? If so,⁢ you’re ⁤in​ luck! The Ring Video Doorbell Plus is an ⁢amazing device that can help provide extra​ protection ⁣for ⁣your⁢ home while offering you convenience and‍ flexibility. In⁣ this article, we’ll be looking at how the‌ Ring Video Doorbell ⁣Plus can be a useful addition to your home.

1.⁤ Introducing ​the⁣ Ring Video Doorbell Plus

Say⁤ hello to your must-have home accessory—the‌ Ring Video Doorbell Plus. Connect ‌and upgrade‌ your current⁣ video‍ doorbell system with this advanced, popular doorbell from Ring, that ⁣comes with​ tons of exciting features.

Features ⁢of the⁢ Ring Video Doorbell Plus:

  • Receive notifications⁣ when ​someone presses the doorbell or triggers ​the built-in motion sensors.
  • Answer the door​ with crystal clear HD‌ video and two-way ⁣audio.
  • Customize the‍ motion‍ zones‍ in your home.
  • Reduce false alerts with⁣ adjustable motion sensors.
  • Connect to the power ⁢supply ​for ‌nonstop power and improved⁤ security.

Apart from these amazing ⁢features, there are also night vision sensors that help with‍ visibility even⁤ during the night and adjustable chimes that you can customize​ as ⁢you want. And ​the ⁣best part? The​ Ring Video Doorbell Plus has a good battery ⁣life- ‍up to six months‍ on a single charge!

2. Easy ⁤Setup and ​Installation

Setting up⁢ and installing the software is ​surprisingly easy. After downloading the ⁢program from the website, you simply need​ to do ​the ‍following:

  • Run the installer ‍ -⁣ Start the software’s ⁣installer by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  • Accept the ⁢terms and conditions – Agree to the terms ⁣and conditions presented by the installer.
  • Follow⁢ the onscreen ⁤instructions – The installer will⁢ guide‌ you⁤ through the installation process. Follow any instructions presented‍ to you by the‌ software.

Setting up and installing the software ⁢should take less‌ than 5 minutes. Please contact our customer support if⁣ you require ⁣assistance.

3. Features and Benefits⁢ of ⁤the Ring Video Doorbell Plus

The Ring Video​ Doorbell Plus gives you a lot ⁢of great features and benefits so you ‌can protect your home from the comfort of your phone. Here are some of the main⁣ ones you should consider:

  • High-Quality ‌Video: Get crystal clear, 1080p HD video quality of‍ your home with the Video Doorbell Plus. See and ⁤identify what’s​ going on in front of your home from afar.‌
  • View‌ from‍ Anywhere: You⁢ can‍ check in ‌on your home anytime, ‍from anywhere.​ You can get real-time notifications on your phone or tablet when ⁣people come to your door⁤ and you​ can even watch a ‍recorded video from days or weeks prior.
  • Two-Way⁣ Audio: Talk to visitors before,⁤ during, or after they’ve left​ your doorstep. ⁢Using the easy two-way⁤ audio ‌feature, you ​can tell delivery⁢ drivers to leave your packages at the ‍door or tell a ⁢stranger to leave your home.
  • Weather-Resistant: ​The Video ⁢Doorbell Plus is⁢ designed to withstand⁣ the elements, so you can feel confident that your home is covered in all weather conditions.⁢

The⁣ Plus also comes with lifetime theft protection, ⁢so ‍if your ⁢device is ⁤ever stolen,⁤ Ring will replace it, ⁢free of charge.

4. Benefits of ‍Having a Smart Video ‌Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Plus

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  • Convenience: Smart video⁤ doorbells provide convenience‍ to both ⁤homeowners​ and visitors‌ with features like remote access. This allows ⁢homeowners to see and talk ⁤to visitors through⁤ their video ‍doorbell​ whether they are at home or not.
  • Security: Along⁢ with ​providing ‌convenience, smart video doorbells ‌ can also act⁢ as a security ⁢measure. ⁢Other security⁢ features like motion detection,‌ sending alerts, recording clips, and two-way communication ⁢can ‍help keep your home safe. ‌
  • Saves ⁣Money: Smart video doorbells can help you save money in​ the ​long run by lowering your homeowner’s ⁤insurance⁢ premiums. More and more insurance companies are offering discounts for homes‍ with‍ smart home features.
  • Advanced Features: Smart video doorbells⁢ are constantly ⁣being upgraded with​ the latest features. These advanced features ​make ‍home security easier‌ and ​more⁤ efficient⁣ with features like facial‌ recognition, night‍ vision, ⁤and advanced‍ motion detection.

5. The Ring Video Doorbell⁣ Plus: An Amazing ‍Investment

The Ring Video Doorbell ⁣Plus is an amazing investment⁣ for any‍ homeowner looking to secure ⁢their ‍home and keep an ⁢eye out for​ visitors. Here‌ are five amazing features of this smart home accessory:

  • Full HD video: The video doorbell has a full⁣ 1080p HD resolution video with a 166° ‌field ⁣of view, so‍ you can ‍have a⁤ clear view of ⁤your visitors from ‍multiple angles.
  • Two-way audio: ⁤You can have real-time ⁢conversations with ⁤visitors in stunning ⁤sound ⁤quality with the built-in microphone and high-powered speaker.
  • Motion detection: The ‌doorbell can detect motions up to 30 feet away and sends an⁣ alert‍ directly ‍to ⁢your smartphone.
  • Smart alerts: ⁢It quickly determines⁤ the difference between⁣ a human‍ and an animal/vehicle movement, ‍sending ⁢you the ‌most relevant alerts.
  • Weatherproof: The doorbell ⁢is IP55 ‌weatherproof-rated and both the faceplate and the back plate are designed to withstand various‍ weather ​conditions.

The Ring Video Doorbell Plus’ ultimate security features are​ a ⁤great investment for homeowners looking to maintain their ‌home’s⁣ protection.


In conclusion, the Ring Video Doorbell Plus ​is definitely⁤ a great addition to any home. ⁣Not only does it⁣ provide an extra layer⁤ of security, but it also offers‌ helpful features like ‍two-way ⁣audio⁤ and motion detection.‌ With its sleek ​design and easy⁣ setup, the‍ Ring Video Doorbell Plus is‍ an excellent choice for anyone looking to⁤ add an extra layer of ​tech to their home.

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