The Best External Drives for Your PS5

External Drive for ps5
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Don’t worry about running out of space on your PS5 – with the right external drive, you can store everything from your PS5 games to your backups and more. Check out our list of the best external drives for your PS5!

‌ Are you a PS5 owner? Congratulations! You ⁤are ready to unlock the next ‍gen ‌of gaming. Once you’ve done that, you’re probably ⁢going to want⁣ to⁣ start downloading ⁤some games or expanding​ your storage. Well, ​we ⁢have just the ‍thing for ⁢you. ‍In this article, we’re going to tell ⁣you ⁣about the best external drives you can get ​to expand your PS5’s storage⁣ options!

1. Get Ready for ⁣Gaming with‍ a ‍PS5-Friendly External Drive

If⁤ you’ve just bought yourself ‌a PlayStation 5,‍ you want to make sure that you’re taking full advantage of ‌its performance. To do‌ this, you’ll need an external drive that⁣ can keep ‌up with the ‍console’s high speeds. ⁤Here ‌are⁤ a few tips ⁢to keep in ​mind when shopping for a PS5-friendly external drive:

  • Capacity: Look for‌ a⁢ drive that has at ⁤least 1TB of storage capacity. ‌This ​should be enough for ‍most gamers, but some more serious players may need even more space for their game library.
  • Speed: Always go ‌for ‌drives that have​ solid⁣ read and write speeds. SSD ‌and NVMe ‌drives are⁢ the best currently available, but⁤ if they⁤ are out of your price range, look for faster‌ traditional ⁢hard drives.
  • Compatibility: ⁣ Make ​sure that‌ your external drive comes with the ‍right connections⁤ and is⁢ compatible ⁤with ‍your ⁢PS5. USB 3.2 ⁤is the connection type to look out for ‍with the PS5.

It is important⁤ to ensure that your external drive ​is not only PS5-friendly⁣ but ​also fast enough for⁣ you to enjoy your⁢ gaming experience ‍to its fullest potential. Don’t settle for anything less than​ the best ​when it comes to picking an external⁢ drive for your new PlayStation‌ 5.

External Drives for PS5


2. ‍What to Look ‌for When ⁢Shopping for the⁤ Best External Drive for⁤ Your ‌PS5


When looking for the best external drive‍ for your PS5, it is important to consider the capacity of the drive. PS5 console supports up to ⁤8 TB ⁢of ​external HDD or up to 4 TB of external SSD. Make ​sure to pick the right size for yourself, ⁣depending on how much data and ⁣games ⁤you need to store.


A number of external⁣ drives come with additional features such ⁣as extended⁢ warranties, high-speed connections, shockproofing, and advanced cooling. If you need any of these ‍features, make​ sure to double-check that the ‍external drive you’re buying has them.

Compatibility⁣ and Speeds

Be sure​ to ​check the compatibility of the external drive with the PS5 console. ⁣It‍ should ⁢be‍ USB‍ 3.1 ​or higher for optimum‍ performance. ⁤Additionally, make sure that the drive‍ supports high speeds like SATA III or NVME. This will help ⁣you⁢ to enjoy‌ faster loading times with‍ games⁤ and faster ​transfers⁣ of ‍large⁣ files.


It is⁣ important to consider ​the pricing when making the purchase. The external ‍drives come in ‍different⁣ varieties and prices.⁤ Make sure to choose one that fits your budget but is⁣ still reliable.‍ There​ are plenty of good-quality external drives that are reasonably‍ priced.

3. What’s the Difference Between Internal and‍ External ‍Drives ‌for PS5?

When shopping for extra storage for ‍your PS5, you’ll​ come across two different ⁢kinds ⁣of ‌drives -‌ internal and external. ​Both types have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to ⁤know the distinction between‌ them.

Internal Drives

Internal ⁢drives are specifically designed⁣ for use‌ with the​ PS5. They come⁣ in two types ⁢– an expansion⁤ card or a regular hard ⁢drive. Expansion cards are more⁤ expensive but provide much faster read and‍ write speeds than their hard drive⁣ counterparts. Hard drives must be unscrewed‍ and then⁤ mounted ‌in ⁤the appropriate bay in the⁤ console.

External Drives

External drives are a‌ little more complicated but still easy ​to set up. ‍Once plugged into your⁣ system via the⁤ USB port, you’ll⁢ need to format the drive ⁣in an appropriate format. Also, external ‌drives tend to be cheaper than ⁢internal drives, ⁤but they ​can be slower as well.

When⁤ it ​comes to deciding between ‌internal and external ‌drives for your⁤ PS5, it ultimately comes down to⁤ your needs. Internal ‍drives are great for speed and reliability, but ⁣they’re also⁢ more expensive. On​ the ⁢other hand, ⁤external drives are cheaper but may be slower. Consider your gaming needs ⁣before making ‌a final decision.

4. Assess⁢ Your Storage‍ Needs: What ‌Capacity ⁣Should You Go For?

When it ‍comes to⁣ the capacity of your storage, it really depends on what ⁤your needs are. Here​ are four‌ points​ to consider to help you decide:

  • How much data do you need to store? Start by​ adding up the amount of data you need to store. Calculate the⁢ combined size of your files,​ documents, pictures,‌ music, videos, and applications.
  • What​ type of files ⁢are‍ you planning to⁤ store? Some files⁢ are⁢ larger than others. If you’re planning ⁣to store mainly‌ HD videos or large​ raw files, you’ll probably need‌ a larger capacity.
  • Will you ⁤store data‍ in ‍the long ‍term? ‌If ​you’re planning to‍ store data in the long term, ‌you should take into consideration the amount of ⁢storage space you’ll ​need to grow over time.
  • Are you planning to⁣ store​ large media​ content, ⁤such as high-resolution photos or videos?‌ High-resolution photos take up‍ more space than⁤ basic image⁤ files. ​For large amounts ‌of media ‍content, ⁢you‍ should get a ⁣larger‌ capacity to ​ensure that you don’t run out of space.

Bottom line: When it comes to ‍deciding what capacity you should get for your storage, it depends entirely on your own usage needs. Figure out the amount of data, the‍ type ⁤of‍ data, and⁤ your expected growth, and​ that ⁢should⁣ help you decide on what⁢ capacity to go for.

5. Our Picks for the Best External Drives for‍ PS5

External Drives for PS5


Here are some fantastic external drive options to⁤ take your PS5 storage ⁣to the next⁣ level. With so many ⁢options ⁤available,⁣ it can be hard ‌to⁣ narrow ⁢down ⁢the‌ best. We’ve broken down some great choices for you:

  • Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive: Seagate’s‌ Expansion⁣ Portable‍ Hard Drive ⁣is a great choice for⁤ PS5 ⁤gaming enthusiasts.⁤ It offers⁤ reliable and fast⁢ performance⁢ with ⁤a plug-and-play ⁣set-up simply‌ using⁤ a USB 3.0 connection. You also get‍ 2TB‍ of storage​ – plenty of space for plenty of‌ games.
  • Western Digital‍ My Passport‍ Ultra: For a slimmer,⁢ modern ​look, you can’t go wrong with the ‍Western Digital My‌ Passport Ultra. This⁣ portable⁣ drive provides ‍trusted, reliable performance⁢ with 2TB of storage space. Plus, the USB-C⁤ connection⁣ is super fast and easy to​ set up.
  • Silicon Power Armor A60: ⁣Silicon Power’s Armor A60 External Hard Drive​ is an ⁣excellent option for both budding⁣ and experienced⁢ PS5 gamers. The A60‌ can stand up to drops, shocks, and ‍vibrations⁣ with its heavy-duty ⁢shockproof exterior. Plus, you get 2TB of⁢ storage ⁢to load‍ many games.
  • Toshiba‌ Canvio Basics: For those ⁣looking for a pocket-sized, reliable drive, Toshiba’s Canvio Basics⁤ is a⁤ great choice. Its sleek design offers ⁤1TB of storage with ​an incredibly fast transfer‍ rate of up to 5 Gbps. Plus, you get an easy setup with a USB 3.0 connection.

No​ matter‌ the drive you decide to ⁢choose, you’ll find reliable performance and plenty of storage for your favorite PS5 games.

6. How ⁢to Set ​Up Your ‍External Drive on Your PS5

Once you have set up your new ⁤PS5, it is useful to​ back up the ⁤data ⁢and save⁢ it online. Having an external hard drive allows⁢ you to ⁤extend⁤ the storage space available on the‌ console, enabling ⁣you to ‍save⁤ as many games and files as you need.⁢ Here is how you ‍can set up your external drive⁣ on ⁢your PS5:

  • Connect ‌the ⁤hard drive – Start by using a USB⁤ cable⁢ to connect your hard drive to one of the USB ports on the PS5.
  • Format the⁢ data – Once your hard drive⁤ is‍ properly‌ connected to ⁤your console, you⁢ will need to select ‘Format Storage Device’ in the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Create the folder ⁣ – ‍Once the ⁤drive is⁢ formatted, you⁢ can create ​folders on the drive by‌ clicking ‘Create Folder’ in the Settings section. You⁤ can make ​folders for‌ specific types of content, including games, music, and videos.
  • Copy files to the drive – After you‌ have ​created the ⁣folders on the drive, you can copy or move any‍ existing files from your PS5 to the folders that you‌ have created on the drive. ⁣You can ⁣do this by selecting the file on ⁢the dashboard ​menu ⁤and then choosing ​‘Copy to External’.

After you ​have ‍followed these steps, ​you should ‍be⁣ able to access the files ⁢on ⁢the external drive and ⁤save⁤ content to it for future use.

7. Tips to Help ‌You Get More from Your External Drive

External Drive for ps5

NAS Compares

If you want to get ‍more ​out‍ of⁤ your‍ external drive, here are 7⁣ tips to help‍ you ​out:

  • Keep‍ it connected ​so⁣ all your data and ​settings remain up-to-date‌ and backed ‍up in the cloud.
  • Defragment ‍your drive seasonally for optimal performance.
  • Repartition the drive so ⁣you‌ can reclaim unused space and organize files more efficiently.
  • Optimize ⁤data storage ⁤ by maximizing‌ the performance of ‍your applications and defragmenting the hard drive.
  • Create backups periodically, store them off-site, and ‌use ransomware protection.
  • Check ‍for updates for the operating system and driver updates that⁢ can improve your drive’s⁣ performance.
  • Clean up regularly by deleting temporary files,⁣ uninstalling unnecessary applications, and removing viruses.

Following these tips can help you maximize⁣ the performance‌ and longevity of your⁣ external‌ drive.

8. Time to Level-Up Your PS5 Gaming with an External Drive!

Tired of running out of space on your PS5 hard drive while downloading large game files? Don’t worry, you can easily upgrade your storage capacity with an external​ drive and increase‌ your gaming enjoyment. Here are some reasons to consider getting‌ yourself an external hard​ drive for‌ your⁣ PlayStation 5.

  • More Storage: ‍ An external drive ⁣provides⁣ much more storage ‍space than‍ an internal⁣ drive and can ‌help you keep​ more games on hand rather than ⁢deleting ones‍ to create space.
  • Installation Convenience: You can install games directly to the external⁤ hard drive ​rather than your internal drive, giving ⁢you ⁢the ability‌ to⁣ switch⁣ between games‌ more quickly. ​
  • Compatibility: ​ An external drive can be used across various PlayStations, rather ⁣than an internal drive being exclusive to one console.
  • Lightweight: External drives ‌are typically lighter than an internal​ drive and ⁣portable, meaning⁣ you can take your gaming library with you for gaming on the go.

Regarding installation, it is important to note: Your PS 5 should ​recognize the external drive once you ​plug ​it ​in.‌ However, a formatted ‍HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive) is required before you start using the external‍ drive ⁢with your‌ console. ⁢Lastly,⁢ choose ‌an external drive⁤ with ‍an appropriate power ​output. For⁤ the best ⁢performance, make sure ‍it⁤ provides the ⁢right power ⁢output needed ‌by your⁣ PS5‌ console.


All in all, there is a wide range of ⁢external drives on the ​market for your ‌PS5, so it’s important to find ⁢one ⁤that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a⁢ snazzy-looking, compact⁤ version, ​an extra‍ spacious ⁤option, or one ⁣with⁣ lots⁣ of extra features, your external drive‍ should be a good fit with your console. Hope this guide gave ⁤you ‍some ideas on what you might ⁢need and now⁣ you can be happy gaming!

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