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Comparing the Steamery Cirrus 2 and 3

Comparing the Steamery Cirrus 2 and 3
Alex Carter
Written by Alex Carter

The Steamery Cirrus 2 and 3 are two popular portable garment steamers, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s take a closer look and compare the two side by side.

Do you need a custom ​garment steamer that will steam the wrinkles out‍ of your favorite his-and-her ‍suits? If so, you should consider taking a look at the Steamery Cirrus 2 ‌and 3. In this article, we’ll ⁣compare the​ two‌ models⁣ and look at what ​makes each one great.​ Read on ​to find out which one is⁢ best for your needs!

1. A‌ Look at the⁣ Steamery Cirrus 2 & 3

The Steamery Cirrus ⁤2 & 3 ​are two unique and‌ powerful handheld steamers that make steaming your clothes​ a breeze. If you’re​ sick of ironing⁤ or struggling with a traditional steamer, you​ should seriously consider⁢ one of⁤ these powerful handheld tools.

Let’s take a look ​at some of the features that make the Steamery⁢ Cirrus 2 & 3 so ⁤special:

  • Rapid Heat Up: Both the Cirrus 2 & 3 models‍ heat up quickly so ‍you can start ⁢steaming in no​ time.
  • Steam Control: You ​can adjust the ⁤steam level ⁢according to the fabric or garment, making sure you don’t damage⁤ delicate pieces.
  • Portable: The Cirrus 2 & 3 ⁢models ⁣are lightweight‍ and‍ easy to transport.
  • Easy to Maintain: Cleaning and maintenance​ are easy with a detachable ⁢water tank.

Overall, the ‌Steamery Cirrus 2 & 3 offer an unbeatable combination of⁢ convenience, portability,‍ and performance. ​If you’re looking for a handheld ​steamer,‌ you​ can’t go‌ wrong with either ‍model.

2. Key Differences ‍Between⁤ Cirrus 2 & 3

Comparing the Steamery Cirrus 2 and 3


Size: The primary difference between the Cirrus 2 and ⁣3 is‌ size; the Cirrus 2 is 17″, while ⁣the Cirrus ⁢3 is ⁢21.6″ in diameter.

Weight: Additionally, ‌the Cirrus 3‌ is substantially heavier than the Cirrus ⁤2. The Cirrus 2⁤ weighs 24.9 lbs, while the Cirrus 3 weighs 77.8 lbs.

Features: ⁤The Cirrus 3 also includes additional features⁣ that ‍the ⁣Cirrus 2 does⁣ not:

  • 77-blade technology
  • 6-stage ‍filtration system
  • Ultrafine particle ‌filtration

Price: ‍Lastly, the Cirrus ‍3 ⁢is more expensive than the Cirrus‌ 2. The Cirrus ‌2 typically ⁤retails‍ for​ around $499, while the Cirrus 3 retails for around $799.

3. Pros &‌ Cons of​ the​ Steamery ​Cirrus 2 & 3

When shopping⁣ for ⁢a steamer, it’s important to be⁢ aware of‌ the pros and cons ⁢associated with each model.⁤ Here’s a look at the Steamery Cirrus​ 2 and 3.


  • Heats up quickly for easy use.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Features a 2.7m cord, allowing you ‍to reach ‌awkward settings.
  • Hydrates ​and freshens ⁢fabrics.

Cons: ⁢

  • No automatic shutoff feature for either model.
  • Performance‍ is⁤ limited for heavier‍ materials such ‌as linen, wool, and suede.
  • Can sometimes leave deposits on fabrics.
  • Costs more ‍than similar handheld models.

When looking‍ at the Steamery⁣ Cirrus ‍2 and 3, the pros and cons⁣ should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. ⁤If you’re ⁤looking for a model that ‍heats up ⁣quickly ⁣and is easy to handle, then these models are a good choice. However, if you’re looking for something ⁣to ⁤handle heavier fabrics, then you should consider other‌ models.

4. Which Steamery is Best⁣ for⁢ You?

Which Steamery is Best⁣ for⁢ You

The Slow Label

Steamers are ⁢a great⁢ addition ⁢to your everyday laundry⁤ routine.⁤ With so⁣ many different‌ models on the market, however, it‍ can be difficult⁢ to choose ⁣which one is right for you. ‌Let’s break‌ down some of​ the⁣ key ⁤features of steamers to help you make the right⁣ decision.

  • Size and‍ Capacity: If you’re dealing⁤ with a lot of laundry, look for​ a steamer with a large capacity and tank. This will help⁤ you save time ⁤by doing fewer ⁣loads of laundry.
  • Steam Volume and Temperature: Different steamers have⁣ different ⁤steam settings, so it’s important to consider‍ your needs. Check to ​see how much steam the steamer produces and at what temperature.
  • Steam ‍Nozzles and ‍Extenders: ⁣Look‍ for flexible nozzles ‌to​ help you reach hard-to-reach areas. Also, make sure that the steamer comes ⁢with attachments such as extenders for additional reach.
  • Safety Features: Make sure that​ the steamer you choose has safety features such as​ automatic shut-off and temperature ⁣control.
  • Price: Finally, consider your budget. ‌Steamers come in‌ a range of prices so you​ can ‌find one that fits ⁤your needs without breaking the bank.

By considering all of these features when‌ shopping for a steamer, you can ‍be sure to find the perfect one for you.


The Steamery Cirrus⁣ 2 and 3⁣ both have ⁢their pros and cons and if you need a light garment steamer⁢ for⁣ your home,‌ it’s certainly worth considering⁢ one of them. Knowing the features available ⁢will help you decide⁣ which ‍one ‍works best for you. Good luck!

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